finalists of spring season 2024

Project TitlePages or DurationCountry of OriginWriter or Director
The Zugzwang of Ober lieutenant Bruno Thevs121 PagesRussian FederationILIYAS DAUDI
All My Trials, Lord91 PagesUnited StatesSandra Jones Cropsey
IN THE CIRCLE OF KUNDUZ208 PagesRussian FederationIliyas Daudi
7 Years After55 PagesUnited StatesMelissa Skirboll
A Kiwi Kind of Christmas94 PagesNew ZealandKate Powis
A Mother’s Tragedy10 PagesBahamasLatrell King
A New Believer/ Refound Faith31 PagesUnited StatesEllie Mae Louise Smith
A Normal Life16 PagesChinaXiaoxuan Qu
A Pirate and a Princess109 PagesUnited StatesMark Kelly
A Siren's Sweet Whisper120 PagesUnited StatesFred G Stemme
A world apart14 PagesFrancePierre Colmain
Abraham Van Helsing and the Hunt for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde91 PagesNot SpecifiedGary M Raskin
Agwajiing the Sanatorium10 PagesUnited StatesStory by Winona LaDuke, Script by Michael O'Rourke
Albert's Mile95 PagesUnited StatesMichael Mau
All Revved Up106 PagesUnited KingdomPaul Harker
Amazingly Amy45 PagesUnited StatesShaun Guzman
American Breakdown96 PagesUnited StatesGary Porpora
An Unfamiliar Life108 PagesUnited StatesToni D'Antonio, Mitch del Monico
Angus' Birthday Bash49 PagesUnited KingdomCraig George Terrell Morris
Arkadiko60 PagesCanadaBrian Nolin, Eric Eidem
Aromcom12 PagesUnited StatesKatrina Jackson
Ava's New World56 PagesUnited StatesAshish K Saxena
Avatar Heart120 PagesUnited StatesGreg Lyon
Back Home Again12 PagesUnited StatesDonna Fentanes
Because of You118 PagesNot SpecifiedPeter Anthony McGrath
Behind Locked Doors112 PagesUnited StatesBrandon L. Brawner
Besotted Boy!100 PagesUnited StatesErnest L Pick
Better Man15 PagesUnited StatesLizzie A Finn
Beyond The Rivers of Babylon 105 PagesUnited StatesLaura Elliott, Joseph Samuels
Big City Nights: Cisero Murphy Saga129 PagesUnited StatesTyriek A Murphy
Birds of a Feather104 PagesUnited StatesTom Trinley
Blackness of Space, Whiteness of Bones106 PagesUnited StatesMelissa L. White
BLUE NOTES50 PagesUnited KingdomLinda M James
Bob and Frances123 PagesUnited KingdomHoward East
Bound By Blood54 PagesUnited StatesDakota Banks
Cali vs. the OceanLights125 PagesUnited StatesMac Malabuyo
Coming Out Straight120 PagesUnited StatesFrank Hernandez III
Connie and Me39 PagesUnited KingdomMaria Shehata
Deep Ascent10 PagesUnited StatesJ. Thomas Peterson
Dendan91 PagesUnited StatesRyan Patrick Doyle
Disquietude13 PagesUnited StatesRaed Hojiej
Dougie's Last Christmas (stage)35 PagesCanadaToph Whitmore
EdgeTown117 PagesNew ZealandGed Maybury
Exit Three123 PagesUnited StatesEmmanuel Martin Di Feliciantonio
Finney's Wake114 PagesUnited StatesGary Porpora
For the Greater Good00:07:47United StatesMichael Gavino
FOR THE HELL OF IT64 PagesUnited KingdomSteve Nallon
FORBIDDEN23 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Anthony Francis
Forbidden83 PagesUnited StatesIsraela Margalit Margalit
Free Traders62 PagesUnited KingdomJo Gatford
Gangster Repeat120 PagesUnited StatesBlair London
Genezis69 PagesHungaryZsigmond Tomosvary
Going for Glory104 PagesUnited StatesGini Graham Graham Scott
Good130 PagesUnited StatesMonte Albers de Leon
Good Old Days00:16:32United StatesJonathan Brooks
Grounded in Éire120 PagesIrelandRalph Keefer
Group Therapy64 PagesUnited KingdomMichelle Crees
Hammer and Nails107 PagesUnited StatesLowell Williams
Happycrows95 PagesUnited KingdomJames Anthony Ward, James Longman
HELL BENT FOR LEATHER113 PagesUnited StatesRobert Alan Wagner
Hollywood Adjacent103 PagesUnited StatesRobert Franklin Godwin III
HOLLYWOOD GHOSTWRITER62 PagesUnited StatesMelanie Villines
I Can't Wait to Leave 163 PagesUnited StatesMeg Butchart
If I Left Early 39 PagesUnited StatesRosalind-Renèe Lindsey
Imogen, Daughter of Cymbeline136 PagesCanadaJ Aldric Gaudet
Indebted to Chance60 PagesUnited KingdomCharlie Ryall, Sean Keohane
Inviolable71 PagesUnited StatesDevin Dugan
It's Only Life102 PagesUnited StatesJoseph Stephen Meadows
John H. Watson, Crime Doctor59 PagesUnited StatesTimothy Erving Liebe
Kevin's Not Dead92 PagesUnited StatesSarah Edmonds
Krypteia115 PagesUnited StatesSeamus Sullivan
La Piazza11 PagesUnited StatesRichard Thompson
Lay at one's door141 PagesUnited KingdomAmanda Jane Kendall
Limbo18 PagesUnited KingdomChristopher Petrou
Love is Fiction19 PagesUnited KingdomMichelle Crees
LOVEBEATS91 PagesUnited StatesChriss Ross
Mad Bad Dangerous to Know119 PagesUnited StatesLeonora Pitts, Emily Robinson
Madame Liberté107 PagesUnited StatesMiriam Stark
MARYAM & VARTO80 PagesFranceGorune Aprikian
MAX AND MARIA77 PagesUnited StatesRosalyn Rosen
Maze of Time120 PagesNot SpecifiedAndre Cadioli Gouvea
Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah61 PagesUnited StatesNancee LaFayette
Mendoza the Jew118 PagesUnited StatesRobin Uriel Russin
Minding Therapy97 PagesUnited StatesRos C Johnson
Minus One Plus11 PagesUnited StatesGeorge Henry Sirois
Murder of a Salesman118 PagesUnited StatesSam Cromartie
No One Will Know Me109 PagesUnited StatesDevin Dugan
Omakase98 PagesUnited KingdomAlena Alova
One Mad Apple 113 PagesUnited StatesLaurie Asbourne, Tom Pratt
Operation Sacred Cows130 PagesItalyLuca Giaggiolo
Orange Juice The Psychedelic Musical129 PagesUnited KingdomTrevor Whittaker, Glyn Semple
Othello147 PagesUnited StatesSamuel Benjamin Books Negin
P E E K A Boo6 PagesUnited StatesPer Hampton
Paps' Trace18 PagesFranceCécile Vernant
Parousia106 PagesUnited StatesTodd Sorrell
PURGATORIO11 PagesTurkeyHakan Ünal
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi105 PagesUnited StatesByron E Anderson
Reality Is On To Something38 PagesUnited StatesHolly Sawyer
Reunion97 PagesUnited StatesAnhtuan Do
Revenge of the Servants of the Gods120 PagesUnited KingdomJudy Elizabeth Brulo
Russian99 PagesUnited KingdomAaron Marc Lumley
Safe Home109 PagesUnited StatesMichele M Jelley
First Prize17 PagesUnited StatesCarl Clark
Screwed115 PagesUnited StatesIsraela Margalit, Oran Eldor
Second Chances16 PagesPlurinational State of BoliviaAlejandra Arce
Secret in the Triangle119 PagesUnited StatesShelley Chester
SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO NARCISSISTS83 PagesUnited StatesDiane Thomassin, Michael Miceli
SPIRALMIND 102 PagesUnited StatesBenito F Perez, Jackson J Smith
Star-Crossed Lovers106 PagesUnited StatesFrank M Victoria
Still Perfect94 PagesUnited StatesMichael Fitzer, Karin Partin Wells
Swallowing Camels123 PagesUnited KingdomMonika BIBIK
Tellers-Pilot Episode38 PagesUnited KingdomCarl Reed
that drive thru Monterey116 PagesUnited StatesMatthew Olmos
The 13th Floor115 PagesAustraliaSam Mitchell
The Bard61 PagesUnited StatesJay Apking, Amanda Cifaldi
The Campsite42 PagesNot SpecifiedAshton Cubitt
The Color of the Evening Sky43 PagesUnited StatesLinda Kampley
The Dakota 100 PagesUnited StatesDouglas Walter Fisher
The Dogs and the Wolves112 PagesUnited StatesLouis Macovsky
THE FALSETTOS44 PagesUnited StatesGary Porpora
THE GOLDEN YEARS00:10:00United StatesJoe Starzyk
The Hearing19 PagesUnited StatesJames Montague Freeman
The Italian Assassin123 PagesUnited StatesDragan Veselinovic
The Language of Wolves106 PagesUnited StatesNan Schmid
The Lightkeeper's Tale7 PagesUnited StatesTim Walton
The Long Dark Climb114 PagesUnited StatesColin Francis Costello
The Luminous Child108 PagesSaint Kitts and NevisCheryl Wade
The Money Tree28 PagesUnited KingdomJacqueline Margaret Kelly
The Monster's Son264 PagesUnited StatesNathan W Post
The Mortality Game114 PagesUnited StatesEd Vela
The Oxford Journal110 PagesUnited StatesLeanna Woodley
The Person in Charge12 PagesUnited StatesLoretta Bolger Wish
The Post Office82 PagesUnited StatesHarris W Freedman
The Practice Marriage105 PagesUnited KingdomStewart A Fergus
The Prosecutor's Witness115 PagesUnited StatesDonald Schwartz
The Puzzle People118 PagesUnited StatesMaria Lennon, Doug Peterson
The Sting in the Tail100 PagesAustraliaPatrick Carr
The Unexpected Betrayal115 PagesUnited StatesKarinthal McCray
THE UNSEEN TERROR94 PagesCanadaBarry Siskind
The Void57 PagesItalyDavid Canetti
The War Within Her108 PagesCanadaChristian Georges Bruyere
The Weather Girl's Assassin119 PagesUnited StatesSam Cromartie
The Winter Wolves109 PagesUnited StatesMark Kelly
'Til the Buzzer Sounds90 PagesUnited StatesMike Alter
Torn Asunder 8 PagesUnited StatesJeff P. Crim
Tortured Minds105 PagesUnited StatesBrian Charles McCarthy
Toxic, Needy59 PagesUnited KingdomAnna Wright
Unconquered23 PagesUnited KingdomJohn Parr
Underbelly52 PagesCanadaSally Stubbs
UNDERTOW119 PagesItalyGiovanni Antonio Pedde, Vittorino Testa
Unspoken35 PagesUnited KingdomMichelle Crees
WAR DOG63 PagesIrelandE. Dawson
Widow's Wishes43 PagesUnited StatesHolly Sawyer
Will's Secret94 PagesUnited KingdomKevin Short
Working Tacoma109 PagesUnited StatesRod Tipton
ZIGZAG GIRL59 PagesUnited StatesRuth Knafo Setton