finalists of winter season 23/24

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of Origin
Writer or
Last Tattoo30 PagesUnited StatesStephanie M Barton-Farcas
Blasphemy!94 PagesUnited KingdomRobert Lovejoy
Alt Austin86 PagesUnited StatesMichael Rhodes
Reflections108 PagesUnited StatesManuel Freedman
Fright Games119 PagesUnited KingdomSteven Paul McCarthy
The Practice Marriage105 PagesUnited KingdomStewart A Fergus
The Accidental Terrorist64 PagesUnited KingdomStewart A Fergus and Geoff Lewis
Get Schlossed98 PagesUnited KingdomStewart Fergus
Pumpkin Goulash22 PagesUnited KingdomYvette Farmer
Proper Placement106 PagesUnited StatesMICHAEL Ellis
Winter Bird109 PagesUnited StatesStephen Delos Treacy
The Bard61 PagesUnited StatesJay Apking and Amanda Cifaldi
Euroball105 PagesUnited StatesDavid Carl Raymer
Those We Trust52 PagesUnited KingdomMarie Jones
Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah61 PagesUnited StatesNancee LaFayette
HELLO MR.D.!88 PagesAustriaGeorg Spiegelhofer
The Ex Factor105 PagesUnited StatesRobert Isabella
Paladins110 PagesUnited StatesRobert Isabella
The Prosecutor's Witness115 PagesUnited StatesDonald Ray Schwartz
Vigilante Nancy38 PagesUnited StatesDenise Hauf Miotke
Stupid Dead Boy110 PagesAustraliaAlex Vickery-Howe
Watchlist66 PagesAustraliaAlex Vickery-Howe
Berlin Snatch89 PagesUnited StatesJack B. DuArte
Remember Me?66 PagesUnited KingdomMartha Grace Jorja Evans
Without Roots111 PagesUnited StatesMelanie Hope Lang
Next Time We Meet112 PagesUnited StatesRobert Gokay
Silver Nights138 PagesGreeceAlexis Andritsos
LOSING GLORIA90 PagesUnited KingdomMadeleine Wynn
Shadowland103 PagesUnited KingdomSimon Bradbury
Seed113 PagesUnited StatesDan Combs
Longwood89 PagesUnited StatesCornell Hubert Calhoun III
The Sibling Rule (feature)108 PagesUnited StatesMari SanGiovanni
The Sibling Rule (short)28 PagesUnited StatesMari SanGiovanni
Replacement66 PagesUkraineBorys Shusterman
Alta California100 PagesUnited StatesLynn H. Elliott
KHAKI CHUMS93 PagesUnited StatesLawrence Thelen
EATING RHODE ISLAND79 PagesUnited StatesLawrence Thelen
A Secret Life105 PagesCanadaBarry Siskind
How Not To Write a Romance Novel93 PagesUnited StatesSuzy Stein and Fernando Perez
John's Journey87 PagesUnited KingdomPaul Hodgson
SACRED SUN93 PagesUnited KingdomMichael Louis Gould
Robot Asteroid137 PagesCanadaPaul May
Steve's Law91 PagesCanadaPaul May
You Are My Oxygen85 PagesNot SpecifiedToby Smith
Hard Candy Christmas120 PagesUnited StatesNick Abdo
Tartarus Texas: The Cowboy Who Fell Into Hell71 PagesUnited StatesStuart Long
Puck It Up116 PagesUnited StatesKarinthal McCray
The Warden's List120 PagesUnited StatesKarinthal McCray
Color Blind120 PagesUnited StatesKarinthal McCray
the sky is the limit00:24:54United KingdomMirka Anderson
Zugzwang of ober lieutenant Bruno Thevs123 PagesRussian FederationILIYAS DAUDI
Two Paths to Shemayin14 PagesUnited StatesJoseph F Gandurski
The Shadow of Dharma95 PagesUnited StatesMax Perlick
MOKSHA115 PagesUnited StatesSaurin Lakhia
Pocketful of Mondays98 PagesUnited StatesLindsey Morrison Grant
The Pawnbroker118 PagesUnited StatesJ.A. Brown
The Bone Records of Leningrad115 PagesUnited StatesTom Vecchio
Pegasus105 PagesUnited StatesRobert Alan Wagner
Worlds Apart129 PagesUnited StatesTim Vogel
Confidences of a psychologist - Robert's obsession71 PagesSpainAntonio Bellido
Mrs. Nicholls120 PagesUnited StatesChristina Ajalat
Dimensions Awaken Pilot57 PagesUnited KingdomKay Arwen
No Man's Land10 PagesUnited KingdomTom Canning
Earmark118 PagesUnited StatesTom Zarnowski
Pharaoh95 PagesUnited StatesDimitri Devyatkin
Whiskey Mountain Days111 PagesUnited StatesBill Walker
Minding Therapy97 PagesUnited StatesRos C Johnson
Sanity Road112 PagesUnited StatesEric Kelso
The Rifle Brothers124 PagesUnited StatesBrett McKay Prieto
Paradigm98 PagesUnited StatesStephen Wise and Eric Charles Kaplan (story)
Hoodoo88 PagesUnited StatesKen Cosentino
Exodus18 PagesUnited KingdomAlex De Luca and Carl Staples
The Cutting Room3 PagesUnited KingdomToby Smith
A Mountain War123 PagesUnited KingdomRonald McQueen
Somewhere to Run104 PagesUnited StatesGary J Klavans
What Kind of Woman82 PagesUnited StatesIsraela Margalit
The Romantics98 PagesUnited KingdomElisabeth Felson
Lunch Lady7 PagesUnited StatesColleen Asbury
Brahma's Feet102 PagesIndiaKrystopher Hugo Neto Taulois de Andrade
Centurions110 PagesCanadaSally Claire Stubbs
Harrowed103 PagesCanadaAaron A Moore
Warbirds98 PagesUnited KingdomPaul Francis Gross
The Seventh Robe43 PagesNew ZealandGed Maybury
Certified61 PagesUnited KingdomRoger Wilson-Crane
Burke and Hare - The West Port Murders90 PagesUnited KingdomStephen Hall
Cruise of the Amberjack114 PagesUnited StatesE. Lyn Foster
Finding The Words92 PagesUnited StatesDave Orvis
The Zoo108 PagesNot SpecifiedJamie Alan Mollart
Poker Nite33 PagesUnited KingdomKevin Short
White Ceiling29 PagesUnited StatesKirk Shannon-Butts
A Christmas Carl91 PagesUnited StatesJennifer Renner and Tim Errickson
Olvidado120 PagesUnited Statesd. b. Roderick
Unto the Least of These00:14:00United StatesKandis Heckler
Domumville51 PagesUnited KingdomJoe Allan Jackson
The Sixth Column: A Ukrainian Fantasia89 PagesUnited Statesstephan morrow
Michelangelo and Me98 PagesNot SpecifiedColleen Fuglaar
Drystone9 PagesUnited KingdomChloe Banks
Disarmed8 PagesUnited StatesMark Bourbeau
Finding Harmony15 PagesUnited StatesDakota Thomas
My Uncommon Brain110 PagesUnited StatesTD Heetderks
The Liberator's Daughter59 PagesUnited StatesDeborah Levine
The Sundarbans Tiger91 PagesUnited StatesMateen O Kemet and John L Brooks II
CSCI (series 1 Cruise Ship Heist)300 PagesUnited StatesStuart St Paul
The Colony101 PagesUnited StatesDave Schmeling
Do Unto Yourself5 PagesUnited KingdomKat Rollinson
The Ashen Veil61 PagesUnited StatesPolina Komissarova
The Lesson28 PagesUnited StatesGary Waddell
The Killing Dream118 PagesUnited StatesAaron Heinrich
My Name Was Icek109 PagesUnited StatesRon Modro
AVA30 PagesCanadaOzzie Logozzo
Pieces100 PagesUnited StatesTracie Jules
One Rubbish Summer94 PagesUnited KingdomALICE GREENLAND
Code Name Sonny90 PagesUnited StatesKenneth Pottie
Shades Awake93 PagesUnited StatesSteven H Grindeland
Anna Incognito110 PagesUnited StatesLaura Preble
The Shewsy58 PagesUnited KingdomKenny O'Connell
POSITIVE109 PagesMexicoRoberto NiƱo de Rivera
THE MEETING HOUSE97 PagesUnited KingdomSophie Rose Neville
The King's Friend108 PagesKazakhstanVladimir Vassilenko
Survivor15 PagesIrelandDion Marcos
The Falconer - Alsaqarin101 PagesUnited StatesJohn Matthew Tyson
Secession of the Plebs 98 PagesUnited StatesNick Herbert
RARE FIDDLE58 PagesAustraliaJade Maitre
ME 262113 PagesUnited StatesCarl Robinson
Out of the Blue30 PagesUnited KingdomSam Stone
ROCKET92 PagesPortugalAlex Bessa
The Breaking Point13 PagesUnited StatesTiffany L. Coleman
The Victims of Sundarbans00:28:06IndiaOlivia Dunlop
The Pickleball Killer113 PagesUnited StatesJim Carroll
Little Warrior75 PagesUnited KingdomHuw Lewis